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Qualification Notice.

Qualification system - utilities

Directive 2004/17/EC
This notice is a call for competition yes

Section I: Contracting entity

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

First Point Assessment
7 Burnbank Business Centre, Souterhead Road, Altens
Contact point(s): Customer Support Department
AB12 3LF Aberdeen
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1224337533
Fax: +44 1224337544

Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting entity:

Further information can be obtained from First Point Assessment
7 Burnbank Business Centre, Souterhead Road, Altens
Contact point(s): Customer Support Department
AB12 3LF Aberdeen
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1224337533
Fax: +44 1224337544
Internet address:

Further documentation can be obtained from First Point Assessment
7 Burnbank Business Centre, Souterhead Road, Altens
Contact point(s): Customer Support Department
AB12 3LF Aberdeen
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1224337533
Fax: +44 1224337544
Internet address:

Requests to participate or candidatures must be sent to First Point Assessment
7 Burnbank Business Centre, Souterhead Road, Altens
Contact point(s): Customer Support Department
AB12 3LF Aberdeen
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1224337533
Fax: +44 1224337544
Internet address:

I.2)Main activity
Exploration and extraction of gas and oil
I.3)Contract award on behalf of other contracting entities

The contracting entity is purchasing on behalf of other contracting entities: yes

First Point Assessment
7 Burnbank Business Centre, Souterhead Road, Altens
AB12 3LF Aberdeen
United Kingdom

Section II: Object of the qualification system

II.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting entity:
Qualification Notice.
II.2)Type of contract
Service category No 1: Maintenance and repair services
II.3)Description of the works, services or goods to be procured through the qualification system:
This QSN includes all service categories 1-27.

First Point Assessment (FPAL) has been established as an industry based company to create opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing costs throughout the supply chain. FPAL provide a register of suppliers and contractors to the above list of subscribing oil and gas industry purchasing group companies who may use the database as their 1st stage of qualification in the selection of tenderers for contracts subject to EU rules.

1.0.0. Products / Equipment / Materials:
1.1.0. Drilling Equipment:
1.1.1. Drilling Machinery, Mud Equipment and Accessories;
1.1.2. Production Surface Equipment;
1.1.3. Drilling Tools and Retrievable Production Tools;
1.1.4. Casing, Tubing, Liner, Connectors and Accessories (OCTG);
1.1.5. Cementing Equipment and Line Hanger Systems;
1.1.6. Fishing and Repair Tools (Drilling);
1.1.7. Drilling and Mud Control Instruments;
1.1.8. Production Well Test and Monitoring Instruments;
1.1.9. Well-head Equipment, X-mas Trees and Accessories;
1.1.10. Production String Components;
1.1.11. Derricks and Accessories;
1.1.12. Drill Bits;
1.1.13. BOP and Accessories;
1.1.14. Wire-line Equipment and Accessories;
1.1.15. Coiled Tubing Tools and Accessories;
1.1.16. Down Hole Pressure Control Equipment;
1.1.17. Pipe Handling and Lifting Equipment;
1.1.18. Sub-sea Equipment;
1.1.99. Other Drilling and Production Equipment.
1.2.0. Material and Product Handling Equipment:
1.2.1. Cranes, Davits, Hoists and Winches;
1.2.2. Elevators;
1.2.3. Other Lifting Gear and Accessories;
1.2.4. Trucks, Forklifts, etc;
1.2.5. Baskets, Containers and Trolleys;
1.2.6. Conveyors, Feeders and Accessories;
1.2.7. Packing Equipment and Accessories;
1.2.8. Miscellaneous Docking Equipment;
1.2.9. Jetty Equipment including Loading Arms / Hoses, etc;
1.2.10. Scaffolding;
1.2.11. Tarpaulins;
1.2.12. Weighing Equipment and Accessories;
1.2.99. Other Material and Product Handling Equipment.
1.3.0. Compressors / Expanders / Blowers and Accessories:
1.3.1. Centrifugal Compressors;
1.3.2. Reciprocating Compressors;
1.3.3. Screw / Rotary Compressors;
1.3.4. Axial Compressors;
1.3.5. Blowers and Fans;
1.3.6. Gas Expanders;
1.3.7. Jet Compressors;
1.3.8. Steam Ejectors / Thermocompressors;
1.3.99. Other Compressors, Blowers and Accessories;
1.4.0. Pumps and Accessories:
1.4.1. Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps;
1.4.2. Reciprocating Pumps;
1.4.3. Diaphragm Pumps;
1.4.4. Screw Pumps;
1.4.5. Submersible Pumps;
1.4.6. Multiphase Pumps;
1.4.7. Liquid Jet Pumps / Eductors;
1.4.99. Other Pumps and Accessories.
1.5.0. Drivers and Accessories:
1.5.1. Electric Motors / Drives;
1.5.2. Gas Turbines;
1.5.3. Steam Turbines;
1.5.4. Oil / Diesel Engines;
1.5.5. Air / Gas Engines;
1.5.6. Hydraulic Drivers;
1.5.7. Gear Boxes, Gear Units, Couplings;
1.5.8. Submersible Motors;
1.5.9. Propulsion Units and Accessories;
1.5.99. Other Drivers and Accessories.
1.6.0. Heaters / Furnaces / Boilers:
1.6.1. Direct fired Heaters / Boilers (Oil, LPG, Gas) and Accessories;
1.6.2. Steam Boilers;
1.6.3. Electric Heaters;
1.6.4. Stacks, Flares and Accessories;
1.6.99. Other Heaters, Furnaces, Boilers and Accessories.
1.7.0. Heat Exchangers / Heat Transfer Equipment:
1.7.1. Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers;
1.7.2. Plate Heat Exchangers;
1.7.3. Air Coolers;
1.7.4. Waste Heat Recovery Units;
1.7.5. Miscellaneous Coolers and Condensers;
1.7.99. Other Heat Transfer Equipment.
1.8.0. Tanks / Vessels / Columns:
1.8.1. Storage Tanks including Spheres and Accessories;
1.8.2. Pressure Vessels, Drums, Accumulators, etc;
1.8.3. Columns and Accessories;
1.8.4. Tank / Vessel / Column Internals;
1.8.99. Other Tanks, Vessels, Columns and Accessories.
1.9.0. Electrical Equipment and Materials:
1.9.1. Generators, Power Sources, Units and Accessories;
1.9.2. Transformers and Accessories;
1.9.3. Switch / Control Equipment, Plugs, Connectors, etc;
1.9.4. Rectifiers, Inverters and Converters;
1.9.5. Distribution Equipment and Materials (Circuit Breakers, Junction / Terminal Boxes, etc. );
1.9.6. Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Equipment, etc;
1.9.7. Cables, Cords, Wires and Accessories;
1.9.8. Cathodic Protection Equipment;
1.9.9. Transits and Glands;
1.9.10. Electrical Connectors Sub-sea;
1.9.11. Cable Racks and Trays;
1.9.99. Other Electrical Equipment and Materials.
1.10.0. Instrumentation / Communication and Process Control Equipment / Materials:
1.10.1. Pressure Instruments;
1.10.2. Temperature Instruments;
1.10.3. Level Instruments;
1.10.4. Flow Instruments;
1.10.5. Fire / Smoke / Gas / Heat Detection Instruments;
1.10.6. Instrument Tubing and Fittings;
1.10.7. Junction Boxes;
1.10.8. Process Control and Monitoring Equipment and Systems;
1.10.9. Metering Equipment and Systems;
1.10.10. Detectors and Analysers;
1.10.11. Control Panels and Control Stations;
1.10.12. Sonar / Radar / DP / Navigation / Positioning Equipment and Systems;
1.10.13. Corrosion Monitoring Systems;
1.10.14. Simulator Systems;
1.10.15. Acoustic Equipment;
1.10.16. Acoustic Telemetry Systems;
1.10.17. Meteorological Instruments / Equipment;
1.10.97. Other Alarm / Control Systems;
1.10.98. Instrument and Communication Cables;
1.10.99. Other Instrument / Communication and Process Control Equipment / Materials.
1.11.0. Miscellaneous Mechanical Equipment:
1.11.1. Mechanical Separators, Tumblers, Chlorinators, Hydro-cyclones, Scrubbers and Accessories;
1.11.2. Regenerative / Non-Regenerative Filters, Strainers and Accessories;
1.11.3. Mixers, Agitators, Blenders, Feeders and Accessories;
1.11.4. Hydraulic Units and Accessories;
1.11.5. Fresh Water Treatment / Desalination Systems and Accessories;
1.11.6. Gas Treatment Units and Accessories;
1.11.7. Pressure Reduction Stations for Gas Distribution;
1.11.99. Other Mechanical Equipment and Accessories.
1.12.0. Cooling / Heating / Ventilation / Air-Conditioning Equipment:
1.12.1. HVAC System Packages;
1.12.2. Cooling and Refrigeration Units;
1.12.3. Humidifiers, Dryers, etc;
1.12.4. Air Fans;
1.12.5. Filters, Coalescers and Accessories;
1.12.6. Dampers and Accessories;
1.12.7. Ducting, etc;
1.12.8. Heating Coils / Units (Electric, Steam, Water, etc.);
1.12.99. Other HVAC Equipment and Accessories.
1.13.0. Marine / Diving and Pipeline Equipment:
1.13.1. Anchoring / Buoying Equipment;
1.13.2. ROVs, ROV Tools and Accessories;
1.13.4. Ships Gear;
1.13.5. Turrets;
1.13.6. Diving Equipment Personal Equipment (Diving Helmets, Suits, Knives, Lead Belts, etc.);
1.13.7. Diving Equipment Vessel based Equipment (Diving Bells) (Compression Chambers, Gas mix batteries, Umbilicals, etc.);
1.13.20. Pipeline Equipment, Connectors and Accessories;
1.13.21. Pig Launchers / Transmitters / Traps / Receivers and Accessories;
1.13.22. Pigging Equipment and Accessories;
1.13.23. Through Flow-line Systems and Tools;
1.13.99. Other Marine / Diving and Pipeline Equipment and Accessories.
1.14.0. Computer and Communication Equipment:
1.14.1. Computer Hardware Work Stations (PCs and UNIX);
1.14.2. Computer Hardware Servers (PCs, UNIX);
1.14.3. Computer Hardware Mainframes (CPUs, Storage and other Mainframe Equipment and Accessories);
1.14.4. Computer Peripherals, (VDUs, Printers and other Peripherals);
1.14.5. Communication Equipment and Accessories (Routers, Modems, HUBs, Cables, etc.);
1.14.6. Databases, Software Development Tools, Application Generators, Data Administration Tools, etc;
1.14.7. General Business Software (Financial, Logistics, Personnel, Document Administration, Management Information etc.);
1.14.8. General Technical Software Systems (Specialist Systems, CAD/CAP, etc.);
1.14.9. Technical Oil / Gas related Software Systems (Reservoir, Geological, Drilling, etc.);
1.14.10. Office Automation Software (Spreadsheet, Planning, Word Processing, Graphics, Filing / Retrieval, etc.);
1.14.11. Utility Software (Operational Support, Security Systems, Networks (LAN/WAN) Communications Software, etc.);
1.14.20. Telecommunication Equipment and Systems (PABXs, Telephone Equipment, Telex / Telefax, Accessories, etc.);
1.14.21. Audio / Video Equipment and Accessories;
1.14.22. Personal Communication Equipment and Accessories (PDA, Tablet PC, Cell Phone, PCMCIA / GSM Card);
1.14.99. Other Computer and Communication Equipment and Accessories.
1.15.0. Laboratory / Medical Equipment:
1.15.1. General Laboratory Apparatus and Requisites;
1.15.3. Medical Equipment and Supplies;
1.15.99 .Other Laboratory and Medical Equipment and Accessories.
1.16.0. Safety / Protection / Security / Fire-Fighting Equipment:
1.16.1. Security Equipment and Accessories;
1.16.2. Safety and Protection Equipment / Products, Life Boats and Life Rafts;
1.16.3. Fire-fighting Equipment / Products;
1.16.4. Escape Tools / Equipment;
1.16.5. Fire / Gas Detection / Protection Systems;
1.16.6. Inert Gas / Nitrogen Systems;
1.16.99. Other Safety / Security / Fire-fighting Equipment and Accessories.
1.17.0. Environmental Equipment / Products:
1.17.1. Waste Water Disposal / Recovery Equipment;
1.17.2. Oil Recovery Equipment and Accessories;
1.17.3. Waste Gas Treatment / Recovery Equipment;
1.17.4. Noise Abatement Equipment and Accessories;
1.17.5. Asbestos Removal Equipment and Accessories;
1.17.98. Other Waste Disposal / Recovery Equipment;
1.17.99. Other Environmental Equipment / Products.
1.18.0. Packages Construction / Outfitting:
1.18.3. Chemical Injection Systems;
1.18.4. Sub-sea Packages;
1.18.5. Helideck Systems / Packages;
1.18.6. Steel / Metal / Composite Outfitting (Gangways, Rails, etc.);
1.18.7. Prefabricated Spools, pipework, etc. (Steel / Metal / Composites);
1.18.99. Other Industrial Equipment, Packages and Units.
1.19.0. Service Station Equipment / Materials / Products:
1.19.1. Shop Fittings;
1.19.2. Car Wash Equipment and Accessories;
1.19.3. Canopies and Accessories;
1.19.4. Service Station Signs and Accessories;
1.19.5. Service Station Pumps and Accessories;
1.19.6. Service Station Payment Terminals and Accessories;
1.19.7. Service Station Tanks and Accessories;
1.19.8. Food Products for Resale (Tobacco, Soft Drinks, Fresh Foods, Dry Foods, etc.);
1.19.9. Fast Food Products for Resale (Bake off, Hot dogs, etc.);
1.19.10. Non-food Products for Resale (Glycol, Lubricants, Windscreen Cleaner, Other related chemical Products, Leisure Products, etc.);
1.19.11. Home Entertainment Products for Resale (Video, CDs, etc.);
1.19.12. Newspapers and Magazines (for Resale);
1.19.99. Other Service Station Equipment and Materials.
2.0.0. Products / Equipment / Materials ( Continued ):
2.1.0. Pipes / Tubes / Hoses and Fittings:
2.1.1. Seamless Pipes and Tubes;
2.1.2. Welded Pipes and Tubes;
2.1.3. Non Metal Pipes and Tubes;
2.1.4. Hoses;
2.1.5. Flanges, Elbows, Fittings Hangers and Pipe Supports;
2.1.6. Gaskets, Jointings, Packings and Tightenings;
2.1.7. Non Metal Flanges, Elbows Fittings and Pipe Supports;
2.1.8. Insulated Pipes, Tubes, Hoses and Accessories;
2.1.9. Flexible Pipes;
2.1.99. Other Pipes, Tubes, Hoses, Hubs, Pipe Penetrators and Fittings, etc.
2.2.0. Valves and Accessories:
2.2.2. Check Valves;
2.2.3. Control Valves and Accessories;
2.2.4. Safety Valves, Relief Valves and Bursting Discs;
2.2.5. Sub-sea Valves;
2.2.6. Solenoid Valves;
2.2.7. Actuators and various Valve Instrumentation;
2.2.8. Ball Valves;
2.2.9. Butterfly Valves;
2.2.10. Diaphragm Valves;
2.2.11. Gate Valves;
2.2.12. Globe Valves;
2.2.13. Needle Valves;
2.2.14. Plug Valves;
2.2.99. Other Valves and Accessories.
2.3.0. Steel / Metal Materials:
2.3.1. Plates;
2.3.2 .Bars;
2.3.3. Profiles and Sections;
2.3.4. Forgings and Castings;
2.3.5. Gratings;
2.3.6. Wires and Steel Chains including Accessories;
2.3.7. Bolts and Nuts;
2.3.8. Metal Bearings and Seals;
2.3.9. Anodes;
2.3.10. Welding Consumables;
2.3.20. Doors, Manholes, Hatches;
2.3.99. Other Steel and Metal Materials.
2.4.0. Non-Metal Materials (Plastics, Composites):
2.4.1. Plates;
2.4.2. Bars;
2.4.3. Profiles and Sections;
2.4.4. Forgings and Castings;
2.4.5. Gratings;
2.4.6. Ropes and Chains including Accessories;
2.4.7. Bolts and Nuts;
2.4.8. Non Metal Bearings and Seals;
2.4.99. Other non Metal Materials.
2.5.0. Auto-mobiles and Associated Equipment:
2.5.1. Trucks and Associated Equipment;
2.5.2. Trailers and Associated Equipment;
2.5.3. Vans, Lorries and Associated Equipment;
2.5.4. Passenger Cars and Associated Equipment;
2.5.5. Special Vehicles and Associated Equipment;
2.5.6. Tyres / Batteries / Car Accessories;
2.5.99. Other Auto-mobiles and Associated Equipment.
2.6.0. Downstream Packing Materials:
2.6.1. Drums;
2.6.2. Bottles and Cans (Glass, Metal, Plastic, etc.);

2.6.3. Fluid Bags, Small Containers (less than 1 m3) etc;

2.6.4. Boxes (various Materials);
2.6.5. Pallets;
2.6.99. Other Packing Materials.
2.7.0. Chemical / Oils / Paints:
2.7.1. Primers, Coatings and Paints;
2.7.2. Petroleum Products (Gas, Oils, Fuels, etc.);
2.7.3. Mud and Associated Additives;
2.7.4. Abrasives, Polishes, Compounds, Adhesives;
2.7.5. Industrial Gases;
2.7.6. Cleaning Products (For Sanitation Products select Category 2.12.06);
2.7.7. Additives, Inhibitors, etc;
2.7.8. Lubricants;
2.7.9. Production / Process / Drilling Chemicals;
2.7.10. Laboratory Chemicals;
2.7.11. Catalysts;
2.7.12 .Completion Fluids;
2.7.13. Cements and Associated Additives;
2.7.99. Other Chemicals, Oils and Paints.
2.8.0. Insulation / Refractory Materials:
2.8.1. Fire Protection Materials;
2.8.2. Thermal Insulation Materials;
2.8.3. Acoustic Insulation Materials;
2.8.99. Other Insulation and Refractory Materials.
2.9.0. Civil Bulk Materials:
2.9.1. Cement;
2.9.2. Sand and Aggregates;
2.9.3. Reinforcing Materials;
2.9.4. Inserts including Anchors, Bolts, etc;
2.9.5. Protection Materials;
2.9.99. Other Civil Bulk Materials.
2.10.0. Architectural / Building Materials:
2.10.1. Sanitary Equipment;
2.10.2. Laundry and Galley / Kitchen Equipment;
2.10.3. Floorings and Wall / Ceiling Panels;
2.10.4. Doors, Windows and Shutters;
2.10.5. Textiles and Wallpapers;
2.10.6. Warehouse Equipment and Supplies;
2.10.7. Catering Equipment;
2.10.8. Signs and Boards (Information, Warning, Advertisements, etc.);
2.10.99. Other Building Materials.
2.11.0. Workshop and Hand-Tools:
2.11.1. Workshop Equipment and Hand-tools;
2.11.2. Welding Equipment and Accessories;
2.11.3. Cleaning Equipment and Accessories;
2.11.4. Mechanical Hand-tools;
2.11.5. Electrical Hand-tools;
2.11.6. Testing and Measuring Instruments / Equipment.
2.12.0. Office Administration Products and Consumables:
2.12.1. Office Supplies / Stationery;
2.12.2. IT Consumables;
2.12.3. Pre printed Stationery (Forms, Envelopes, etc.);
2.12.4. Food Products and Beverages;
2.12.5. Kitchenware and Tableware;
2.12.6. Cleaning / Sanitary Supplies;
2.12.7. Furniture;
2.12.8. Office Equipment;
2.12.9. Sport and Leisure Equipment;
2.12.10. Newspapers, Magazines and Books for own use;
2.12.99. Other Office Administration Products and Consumables.
2.99.0. Other Products / Equipment and Materials:
2.99.2. Packing, Crating and Boxing Materials;
2.99.3. Consumables for Testing / Inspection (Film, etc.);
2.99.4. Uniforms and other types of Clothing;
2.99.5. Scale Models (Ships, Rigs, Plants, Equipment, etc. );
2.99.98. Various Appreciation Gifts;
2.99.99. Other Products / Equipment and Materials.
3.0.0. Services:
3.1.0. Engineering Services:
3.1.1. Project Administration Services;
3.1.2. Steel / Construction / Architectural Services;
3.1.3. Process / Utilities / Piping / HVAC Services;
3.1.4. Equipment / Mechanical Services;
3.1.5. Electro / Control / Instrumentation Services;
3.1.6. Pipeline Services;
3.1.7. Sub-sea / Diving / ROV Technology Services;
3.1.8. Drilling / Completion Engineering Services;
3.1.9. Civil Engineering / Concrete Structure Services;
3.1.10. Water Services;
3.1.11. Weight Control Services;
3.1.12. Telecommunication Services;
3.1.13. Material Technology / Anti Corrosion / Surface Protection Services;
3.1.14. Marine Technology / Hydrodynamic / Aerodynamic Services;
3.1.15. Fire and Gas Protection System Services;
3.1.16. Production / Petroleum Engineering Services;
3.1.17. Construction Management and Supervision Services;
3.1.18. Mud Engineering Services;
3.1.99. Other Engineering Services.
3.2.0. Consultancy Services:
3.2.1. Quality Assurance QA / QC Consultancy;
3.2.2. Safety, Health and Environment Consultancy;
3.2.3. Risk Analysis Consultancy;
3.2.5. Personnel / Training System Consultancy ( For training courses select 3.99.13);
3.2.6. Legal Consultancy;
3.2.7. Purchasing and Contracting Consultancy;
3.2.8. Cost and Planning Consultancy;
3.2.9. Material Administration Consultancy;
3.2.10. Technical Documentation / Document Control Consultancy;
3.2.11. Advertising / Public Affairs / Public Relations Consultancy;
3.2.12. Marketing and Market Research Consultancy;
3.2.13. Translation and Manual Writing Consultancy;
3.2.14. Welding and Jointing Consultancy;
3.2.15. Warranty Surveyors;
3.2.16. Third Party Evaluation / Verification Consultancy;
3.2.17. Energy Conservation Consultancy;
3.2.18. Simulation Consultancy;
3.2.19. Decommissioning and Abandonment Consultancy;
3.2.20. Meteorological Consultancy;
3.2.21. Staff Search / Selection Consultancy;
3.2.22. Sub surface Consultancy (Geological, Geophysical, Reservoir);
3.2.23. Design Consultancy (Industrial Design, Web Design, etc.);
3.2.24. Marine Consultancy;
3.2.25. Sub-sea Consultancy;
3.2.26. Career / Outplacement Consultancy;
3.2.98. General Management and Business Development Consultancy;
3.2.99. Other Consultancy Services.
3.3.0. Research and Development Services (R and D):
3.3.1. Engineering (R and D) Services;
3.3.2. Geological and Geophysical (R and D) Services;
3.3.3. Drilling (R and D) Services;
3.3.4. Sub-sea (R and D) Services;
3.3.5. Safety and Environmental (R and D) Services;
3.3.6. Information Technology (R and D) Services;
3.3.7. Oil and Gas Production (R and D) Services;
3.3.8. Refinery / Downstream Technology (R and D) Services;
3.3.9. Petrochemicals (R and D) Services;
3.3.10. Materials (R and D) Services;
3.3.11. Reservoir (R and D) Services;
3.3.99. Other Research and Development Services.
3.4.0. Exploration and Production Drilling Services:
3.4.1. Drilling Rigs (Semi-submersibles / Jack-ups / Others);
3.4.2. Production Drilling Services;
3.4.3. Conductor Piling Services;
3.4.4. Cementing Services;
3.4.5. Casing / Tubing Running Services;
3.4.6. Casing Cutting Services;
3.4.7. Mud Logging Services;
3.4.8. MWD / LWD Services;
3.4.9. Turbine Drilling / Down Hole Motor Services;
3.4.10. Electrical Logging / Calibration Services;
3.4.11. Coring Services;
3.4.12. Fishing / Wire-line Fishing Services;
3.4.13. Work over Services;
3.4.14. Snubbing Services;
3.4.15. Drilling Fluids / Mud Services;
3.4.16. Well Testing Services;
3.4.17. Under-reaming Services;
3.4.18. Exploration and Development Services;
3.4.19. Liner Float, Hanger and Running Equipment Services;
3.4.20. Reservoir Services;
3.4.21. Well Completion Services;
3.4.22. Well Overhauling / Stimulation Services;
3.4.23. Well-head Services;
3.4.24. Wire-line Services;
3.4.25. Directional Surveying Services;
3.4.26. Cutting Injections / Cutting Disposal Services;
3.4.27. Re-cutting Inspection Services;
3.4.28. Rental of Drill Pipe;
3.4.29. Cased Hole Logging Services (Gyro, Perforation, PLT, Gauges);
3.4.30. Drill Stem Testing Services;
3.4.31. Directional Drilling Services;
3.4.32. Perforation Services;
3.4.33. Gravel Packing Services;
3.4.34. Fracturating Services;
3.4.35. Plugging Services;
3.4.36. Well Wash Services;
3.4.37. Coiled Tubing Services;
3.4.38. Pumping Services;
3.4.39. Fluid / Bottom Hole Sampling Services;
3.4.40. OCTG Services (Cleaning, Hard-banding, Re-cutting, Rethreading, Storage);
3.4.41. Well Crisis Management Services;
3.4.99. Other Drilling Services.
3.5.0. Construction / Modification / Repair / Maintenance / Refurbishment Services:
3.5.1. Steel / Piping / Mechanical Services;
3.5.2. Electrical / Instrument Services;
3.5.3. Ventilation / Heating / Sanitary Services;
3.5.4. Waste Disposal / Drainage Services;
3.5.5. Insulation Services;
3.5.6. Surface Treatment, Sandblasting, Painting, Coating and Fireproofing Services;
3.5.7. Scaffolding / Rigging / Covering Services;
3.5.8. Civil Works / Building Contracting Services including Drilling / Tunnelling;
3.5.9. Diving / ROV / Submersible operations;
3.5.10. Sub-sea Construction Services;
3.5.11. Generator Services;
3.5.12. Pipe Cutting and Bending Services;
3.5.13. Industrial Cleaning Services;
3.5.14. Catalyst Handling / Regeneration Services;
3.5.15. Bolt Tensioning Services;
3.5.16. Rope Access Services;
3.5.17. Welding and Jointing Services;
3.5.18. Safety / Protection / Security / Fire-fighting System Services;
3.5.19. Preservation of Mechanical and Electrical Component Services;
3.5.20. Maintenance and Modification of Pumps and Rotating Equipment;
3.5.21. Heat Treating and Demagnetising Services;
3.5.22. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services;
3.5.23. Machining Services (In situ and General Machining);
3.5.24. Site Clean up Services;
3.5.25. Biological Sludge Treatment Services;
3.5.26. Tank Bottom Sludge Treatment Services;
3.5.27. Piling Services;
3.5.30. Valve Management Services including testing and repair;
3.5.31. Crane Management Services;
3.5.99. Other Construction / Maintenance Services.
3.6.0. Installation Services / Marine Contracting ( For Abandonment Services see Section 3.15):
3.6.1. Pipe-laying / Cable Laying Services;
3.6.2. Trenching and Excavation Services;
3.6.3. Diving / ROV / Submersible operations;
3.6.4. Cranes / Crane Barges / Heavy Lift Vessels;
3.6.5. Hook up and Commissioning including Marine Installation Services;
3.6.6. Mobile Production Units;
3.6.7. Dredging Services;
3.6.8. Gravel and Rock Dumping Services;
3.6.9. Floating Storage Units (FSU);
3.6.10. Sub-sea Pipeline Protection Services;
3.6.11. Installation of Sub-sea Packages;
3.6.13. Mooring System Services;
3.6.99. Other Installation Services.
3.7.0. Inspection / Control and Testing Services:
3.7.1. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services;
3.7.2. Pipeline Flushing, External / Internal Inspection, Pigging Services;
3.7.3. Surface Treatment Inspection Services;
3.7.4. Pressure Testing Services;
3.7.5. Instrument Testing / Calibration Services;
3.7.6. Load Testing Services;
3.7.7. Diving / ROV operations;
3.7.8. Laboratory Testing Services;
3.7.10. Dimensional Control / Verification Services;
3.7.12. Third Party Measurement Services;
3.7.98. Other Inspection Services;
3.7.99. Other Testing Services.
3.8.0. Transportation / Supply / Disposal Services:
3.8.1. Tugs / ROV Support / Diving Support Vessels;
3.8.2. Barges;
3.8.3. Air Transport Services of Passengers and Freight;
3.8.4. Accommodation Platforms / Vessels;
3.8.5. Rental of Containers, Baskets, etc;
3.8.6. Disposal / Distribution and Waste Transport Services, etc;
3.8.7. Salvage Services, etc;
3.8.8. Rental of Cranes and Special Vehicles;
3.8.9. Courier Services;
3.8.10. Freight Forwarding / Logistics Management Services;
3.8.11. Transport Broker and Agent Services;
3.8.12. Supply Base / Warehouse / Storage Services;
3.8.13. Ship Chandler Services;
3.8.14. Bulk Truck Transportation Services;
3.8.15. Truck Package / Product Transportation Services;
3.8.16. Moving Services;
3.8.17. Supply Vessels;
3.8.18. Stand by Vessels;
3.8.99. Other Transportation / Supply and Disposal Services.
3.9.0. Surveying / Positioning Services:
3.9.1. Soil Investigation Services;
3.9.2. Navigation / Positioning Services;
3.9.3. Geotechnical Services;
3.9.4. Geophysical and Hydrographic Site Survey Services;
3.9.5. Oceanographic Services;
3.9.6. Rig Positioning Services;
3.9.7. Photogrammetry Surveying Services;
3.9.8. Chart and Map Production Services;
3.9.9. Rental of Surveying / Positioning Equipment;
3.9.10. Survey and Positioning Support Services;
3.9.99. Other Surveying / Positioning Services.
3.10.0. Seismic Services:
3.10.1. 2D / 3D / 4D Seismic Data Acquisition Services;
3.10.2. 2D / 3D / 4D Seismic Data Processing Services;
3.10.3. Site Surveys Services;
3.10.4. Well Velocity Survey Services;
3.10.5. Rental of Seismic Equipment;
3.10.6. 2D / 3D / 4D Seismic Data Interpretation Services;
3.10.99. Other Seismic Services.
3.11.0. Information Systems / Information Technology / Communication Services:
3.11.1. Network Installation / Support Services;
3.11.2. Software Development and Support Services;
3.11.3. Computer Based Modelling Services;
3.11.4. Computer Based Simulation / Training Program Services;
3.11.5. CAD / CAP Services;
3.11.6. Hardware Installation Support Services;
3.11.7. Operating Systems Installation / Support Services;
3.11.8. User Support / Help Desk Services;
3.11.9. IT Management Consultancy Services;
3.11.10. Data Management Services;
3.11.11. General IS / IT Consultancy Services;
3.11.20. Telecommunication Installation / Support Services;
3.11.21. Data and Message Transmitting Services;
3.11.22. Rental of Telecom Lines;
3.11.23. Telecom Subscription Services;
3.11.24. Public Address System Services;
3.11.98. Other Communication Services;
3.11.99. Other Information Systems (IS) / Information Technology (IT) Services.
3.12.0. Petroleum Technology Services:
3.12.7. Geophysical Interpretation Services;
3.12.8. Petrophysical Interpretation Services;
3.12.9. Geological Evaluation Services (Organic Geochemistry, Petrology, Diagenesis, Biostratigraphy, Fluid Characterisation, PVT, Core Analysis, Flooding);
3.12.10. Reservoir Evaluation Services;
3.12.99. Other Petroleum Technology Services.
3.13.0. Certification and Integrity Services:
3.13.1. Quality Management Systems Certification;
3.13.2. Environmental Management Systems Certification;
3.13.3. Safety Management Systems Certification;
3.13.4. Information Security Management Systems Certification;
3.13.5. Certification of Welders;
3.13.6. Certification of NDT Personnel;
3.13.7. Certification of Machinery;
3.13.8. Certification of Cranes and Lifting Appliances;
3.13.9. Certification of Pressurised Equipment;
3.13.10. Evaluation and Certification of Software and Electronics (IT);
3.13.11. Notified Body for Machinery;
3.13.12. Notified Body for simple Pressure Vessels;
3.13.13. Notified Body for Telecommunication Terminal Equipment;
3.13.14. Notified Body for Medical Equipment;
3.13.15. Notified Body for Personal Protection Equipment;
3.13.16. Notified Body for Lifts;
3.13.17. Notified Body for Pressure Containing Equipment;
3.13.30. Integrity Management Services;
3.13.99. Other Certification Services.
3.14.0. Financial and Insurance Services:
3.14.1. Banking Services;
3.14.2. Monetary Intermediation Services;
3.14.3. Credit Granting Services;
3.14.4. Financial Markets Administration Services;
3.14.5. Security Broking and Fund Management Services;
3.14.18. Financial Management Consultancy Services;
3.14.19. Other Banking and Financial Services;
3.14.20. Accounting Services;
3.14.21. Auditing Services;
3.14.30. Life Insurance Services;
3.14.31. Pension Funding Services;
3.14.32. Non-Life Insurance Services;
3.14.33. Insurance Broking Services;
3.14.39. Other Insurance Services.
3.15.0. Decommissioning and Abandonment Services:
3.15.1. Project Management Services;
3.15.2. Marine Services;
3.15.3. Sub-sea Services;
3.15.4. Well Services;
3.15.5. Cutting Services;
3.15.6. Site Services;
3.15.7. Waste Management Services;
3.15.8. Integrity / Legislation Services;
3.15.99. Other Decommissioning and Abandonment Services.
3.20.0. Service Station Maintenance / Services:
3.20.1. Car Wash Equipment Maintenance / Services;
3.20.2. Canopy Equipment Maintenance / Services;
3.20.3. Signs and Accessories Maintenance / Services;
3.20.4. Service Station Pumps Maintenance / Services;
3.20.5. Payment Terminal Maintenance / Services;
3.20.6. Service Station Tanks Maintenance / Services;
3.20.99. Other Service Station Maintenance / Services.
3.90.0. Exchange and Throughput Services:
3.90.1. Exchange and Throughput Services:
3.99.0. Other Supporting Services:
3.99.2. Temporary Accommodation / Camp Services;
3.99.3. Catering Services;
3.99.4. Cleaning and Laundry Services;
3.99.5. Security Services;
3.99.6. Rental of Equipment;
3.99.7. Printing and Copying Services;
3.99.8. Photographic / Film / Video Services;
3.99.9. Technical Drafting Services;
3.99.10. Travel Agency, Car Rental Services, etc;
3.99.12. Medical Services;
3.99.13. Training Course / Seminar Services;
3.99.14. Recreational Services;
3.99.15. Hotel and Conference Services;
3.99.16. Rental of Housing and Office Space, etc;
3.99.17. Energy / Electrical Power Supply Services;
3.99.18. Manpower Supply, Temporary Staff Hiring Technical;
3.99.19. Manpower Supply, Temporary Staff Hiring Administration;
3.99.20. Library Services;
3.99.21. Equipment Brokerage Services;
3.99.22. Horticultural / Grounds Maintenance Services;
3.99.99. Other Supporting Services.
4.0.0. Multi-Discipline / Combined Supplies And/or Services (Turnkey / Packages):
4.1.0. Engineering / Procurement:
4.1.1. Steel / Metal / Concrete Structures / Platforms;
4.1.2. Floating Facilities / Systems including Storage / Loading;
4.1.3. Sub-sea Systems;
4.1.4. Pipeline Systems;
4.1.5. Risers;
4.1.6. Umbilicals;
4.1.7. Terminal / Oil Movement Systems;
4.1.8. Accommodation / Office / Workshop / Storage Modules;
4.1.9. Process Modules / Packages;
4.1.10. Utilities Modules / Packages;
4.1.11. Drilling Modules / Packages;
4.1.12. Buildings including Service Stations;
4.1.99. Other Systems.
4.2.0. Engineering / Procurement / Construction:
4.2.1. Steel / Metal / Concrete Structures / Platforms;
4.2.2. Floating Facilities / Systems including Storage / Loading;
4.2.3. Sub-sea Systems;
4.2.4. Pipeline Systems;
4.2.5. Risers;
4.2.6. Umbilicals;
4.2.7. Terminal / Oil Movement Systems;
4.2.8. Accommodation / Office / Workshop / Storage Modules;
4.2.9. Process Modules / Packages;
4.2.10. Utilities Modules / Packages;
4.2.11. Drilling Modules / Packages;
4.2.12. Buildings including Service Stations;
4.2.99. Other Systems.
4.3.0. Engineering / Procurement / Construction / Installation:
4.3.1. Steel / Metal / Concrete Structures / Platforms;
4.3.2. Floating Facilities / Systems including Storage / Loading;
4.3.3. Sub-sea Systems;
4.3.4. Pipeline systems;
4.3.5. Risers;
4.3.6. Umbilicals;
4.3.7. Terminal / Oil Movement Systems;
4.3.8. Accommodation / Office / Workshop / Storage Modules;
4.3.9. Process Modules / Packages;
4.3.10. Utilities Modules / Packages;
4.3.11. Drilling Modules / Packages;
4.3.12. Buildings including Service Stations;
4.3.99. Other Systems.
4.4.0. Engineering / Procurement / Construction / Installation / Commissioning:
4.4.1. Steel / Metal / Concrete Structures / Platforms;
4.4.2. Floating Facilities / Systems including Storage / Loading;
4.4.3. Sub-sea Systems;
4.4.4. Pipeline Systems;
4.4.5. Risers;
4.4.6. Umbilicals;
4.4.7. Terminal / Oil Movement Systems;
4.4.8. Accommodation / Office / Workshop / Storage Modules;
4.4.9. Process Modules / Packages;
4.4.10. Utilities Modules / Packages;
4.4.11. Drilling Modules / Packages;
4.4.12. Buildings including Service Stations;
4.4.99. Other Systems.
4.5.0. Integrated Services:
4.5.1. Management and Provision of all Facilities Engineering, Modification and Maintenance Services for a Site / Platform;
4.5.2. Management and Operations, including Production Supervision of all Facilities, Engineering, Modification and Maintenance Services for Site / Platform;
4.5.3. Hydrocarbon Reservoir Development and Production Services;
4.5.4. Extended Well Test / Early Production Services including Provision of Floating or Jack-up Production Unit;
4.5.5. Well Management / Construction Services;
4.5.6. Management and Provision of all Catering, Cleaning, Office and Security Service at Location / Platform;
4.5.7. Field Development.
II.4)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

50000000, 51000000, 55000000, 60000000, 63000000, 64000000, 65000000, 66000000, 70000000, 71000000, 72000000, 73000000, 75000000, 76000000, 77000000, 79000000, 80000000, 85000000, 90000000, 92000000, 98000000

II.5)Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
The contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA): no

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions for participation
III.1.1)Qualification for the system:
Conditions to be fulfilled by economic operators in view of their qualification: Each registered purchaser may impose further qualification stages or may proceed directly to select tenderers or candidates for negotiations from the suppliers or contractors registered in the FPAL database. Each registered purchaser may also, at his own discretion, use the system as the basis for selection of tender lists for contracts which are below the EU thresholds or are not subject to EU rules. The database may also be used by registered purchasers for sourcing goods and services relating to facilities or operations out-with the European Economic Area (EEA).

Those companies wishing to register for the 1st time on the FPAL database should reply to FPAL at the address in Annex A below.

Applicants wishing to register will be required to make a supplier application, and pay an annual registration fee levied as a contribution towards the annual administration costs of the system. The annual fee for registration on the FPAL database is identified on the registration form sent to suppliers prior to joining the scheme. Suppliers and contractors who have already registered on the FPAL database need not reapply, but may wish to consider updating their registration to cover additional product / service codes.
Methods according to which each of those conditions will be verified: These will be described in the details of the scheme available from the FPAL Customer Support Team.
III.1.2)Information about reserved contracts

Section V: Procedure

IV.1)Award criteria
IV.1.1)Award criteria
The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated in the specifications or in the invitation to tender or to negotiate
IV.1.2)Information about electronic auction
An electronic auction will be used: yes
Additional information about electronic auction: An e-auction may be used for some procurements by some or all of the subscribers.
IV.2)Administrative information
IV.2.1)File reference number attributed by the contracting entity:
IV.2.2)Duration of the qualification system
Indefinite duration
IV.2.3)Information about renewals
Renewal of the qualification system: no

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about European Union funds
The contract is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: yes
Reference to project(s) and/or programme(s): May be used by some subscribers for funded contracts.
VI.2)Additional information:

First Point Assessment (FPAL) has been established as an industry based company to create opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing costs throughout the supply chain. FPAL provide a register of suppliers and contractors to the subscribing oil and gas industry purchasing group companies (see below) who may use the database as their 1st stage of qualification in the selection of tenderers for contracts subject to EU rules.

The database is also being used by:
AGR Well Management Limited, Union Plaza, 1 Union Wynd, Aberdeen, AB10 1SL, United Kingdom;
AJS V.O.F, Schepersmaat 2, 9400 HH Assen, Netherlands;
Aker Solutions, Aberdeen International Business Park, Dyce Drive, Aberdeen, AB21 0BR, United Kingdom;
Alpha Petroleum Resources Limited, Victoria House, London Square, Cross Lanes, Guildford, GU1 1UJ, United Kingdom;
AMEC Foster Wheeler, Altens Farm Road, Nigg, Aberdeen, AB12 3LB, United Kingdom;
Apache North Sea Ltd, Caledonia House, Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8PU, United Kingdom;
aQuaintance B.V, Amerikaweg 3, 9407 TJ, Assen, Netherlands;
Baker Hughes, Stoneywood Park North, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7EA, United Kingdom;
Bibby Offshore Limited, Atmosphere 1, Prospect Road, Arnhall Business Park, Aberdeen, AB32 6SJ, United Kingdom;
Bluewater Services (UK) Ltd, Bluewater House, Badentoy Crescent, Portlethen, Aberdeen, AB12 4YD, United Kingdom;
BP Exploration Operating Company Limited, Farburn Industrial Estate, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7PB, United Kingdom;
Bumi Armada, Level 4, Annan House, 33-35 Palmerston Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5QP, United Kingdom;
Cairn Energy PLC, 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9BY, United Kingdom;
Associated Organisations: Capricorn Ireland Limited, Capricorn Malta Limited, Capricorn Spain Limited;
Can (Offshore) Ltd, Hareness Road, Altens, Aberdeen, AB12 3LE, United Kingdom;
Cape Industrial Services Ltd, Church Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7PS, United Kingdom;
Centrica PLC, 15 Justice Mill Lane, 5th Floor, IQ Building, Aberdeen, AB11 6EQ, United Kingdom;
Associated Organisations Caythorpe Gas Storage Limited;
Centrica Energy Upstream B.V, Polaris Avenue 39, 2132 JH, Hoofddorp, Netherlands;
Chevron North Sea Limited, Chevron House, Hill of Rubislaw, Aberdeen, AB15 6XL, United Kingdom;
CNR International Limited, St Magnus House, Guild Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6NJ, United Kingdom;
Conoco Phillips (UK) Limited, Rubislaw House, Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 6FZ, United Kingdom;
Associated Organisation Conoco Phillips Petroleum Company (UK) Limited, Burlington Resources (Irish Sea) Limited, Britannia Operator Limited;
Dana Petroleum (E&P) Limited, Kings Close, 62 Huntly Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1RS, United Kingdom;
Dana Petroleum Nederlands B.V, Binkhorstlaan 410, 2516 BL, The Hague, Netherlands;
Dockwise Shipping B.V, Lage Mosten 21, 4822 NJ, Breda, Netherlands;
DOF Subsea UK Ltd, Exchange No 1, 62 Market Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5PJ, United Kingdom;
Endeavour Energy UK Limited, 40 Queen's Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YE, United Kingdom;
Engie E&P UK Ltd, 40 Holburn Viaduct, London, EC1N 2PB, United Kingdom;
Engie E&P, Deutschland GmbH (DEXPre), Waldstrasse 39, Lingen, Germany, 49808;
Engie E&P, Nederland B.V, Einsteinlaan 10, 2719 EP, Zoetermeer, Netherlands;
Enquest PLC, Level 5, Consort House, Stell Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5QR, United Kingdom;
Associated Organisations Enquest Britain Limited and Enquest Dons Limited;
EOG Resources United Kingdom Ltd, Andrews House,College Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4QB, United Kingdom;
Essar Oil (UK) Ltd, Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, PO Box 3, Ellesmere Port, CH65 4HB, United Kingdom;
Fabricom Offshore Services Ltd, Q16, Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane, Newcastle, NE12 8BX, United Kingdom;
Fairfield Energy Limited, 19 Abercrombie Court, Prospect Road, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill, Aberdeen, AB32 6FE, United Kingdom;
Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Ltd, One St Pauls Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AP, United Kingdom;
Glencore UK limited, 50 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8HD, United Kingdom;
Halliburton Manufacturing & Services Ltd, Deveron Facility, Howe Moss Place, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GS, United Kingdom;
Helix Well Ops UK Limited, Alba Gate, Stoneywood Park, Stoneywood Road, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB217BZ, United Kingdom;
IV Oil & Gas B.V, Noordhoek 37, 3351 LD Papendrecht, Netherlands;
Associated Organisations IV Groep BV;
KCA Deutag Technical Support Limited, Minto Drive, Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, AB12 3LW, United Kingdom;
Maersk Oil North Sea UK LLC, Maersk House, Crawpeel Road, Altens, Aberdeen, AB12 3LG, United Kingdom;
Marathon Oil UK Ltd, Marathon House, Rubislaw Hill, Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 6FZ, United Kingdom;
Mustang Engineering Limited, St Andrews House, West Street, Woking, GU21 6EB, United Kingdom;
Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V (NAM), Schepersmaat 2, PO Box 28000, 9400 HH Assen, Netherlands;
Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd, Discovery House, Kingswells Causeway, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8PU, United Kingdom;
Odfjell Drilling UK Ltd, Bergen House, Crawpeel Road, Altens, Aberdeen, AB12 3LG, United Kingdom;
OGN North Sea Limited, Hadrian Yard, AMEC Way, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE28 6HL, United Kingdom;
Associated Organisations Offshore Group Newcastle Ltd;
OMV (UK) Limited, 1st Floor, 62 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ, United Kingdom;
Associated Organisations OMV (Faroe Islands), Exploration GmbH (London) and OMV (Ireland) Exploration GmbH (London);
Oranje Nassau Energie Nederland B.V, Postbus 5206, 2701 GE Zoetermeer, Netherlands;
Oranje Nassau Energie UK, 5 Buckney Court Crescent, Norwich, NR6 6JA, United Kingdom;
Orlen Upstream Sp. z o.o, Przyokopowa 31 Str., Warsaw, 01 208, Poland;
Associated organisations PKN Orlen (Plock);
PD & MS Energy (Aberdeen) Limited, Atholl House, Guild Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6LT, United Kingdom;
Peterson United Kingdom Ltd, 3rd Floor, Nautilus House, 35 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, AB11 5BJ, United Kingdom;
Petrofac Facilities Management Ltd, Bridge View, 1 North Esplanade West, Aberdeen, AB11 5QF, United Kingdom;
Associated Organisations Atlantic Resourcing;
Petrofac Engineering Limited, Chester House, 76 86 Cherstey Road, Woking, GU21 5BJ, United Kingdom;
Premier Oil PLC, Upper Denburn House, Primary Four Business Park, Kingswells Causeway, Aberdeen, AB15 8PU, United Kingdom;
Prosafe Offshore Limited, Greenwell Road, East Tullos Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, AB12 3AX, United Kingdom;
PSE Kinsale Energy Limited, Mahon Industrial Estate, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland;
Sasol Upstream Oil and Gas, 6th Floor, 101 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 1QU, United Kingdom;
Seaway Heavy Lifting B.V, Albent Einsteinlaan 50, 2719 ER, Zoetermeer, Netherlands;
Senergy Wells Ltd, 15 Bon Accord Crescent, Aberdeen, AB11 6DE, United Kingdom;
Shell UK Exploration and Production, 1 Altens Farm Road, Aberdeen, AB12 3FY, United Kingdom;
Statoil (UK) Ltd, Statoil House, Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8QG;
Stena Drilling Ltd, Ullevi House, Greenbank Crescent, East Tullos, Aberdeen, AB12 3BG, United Kingdom;
Stork Industry Services Oil and Gas, Van Deventerlaan 101, 3528AG, Utrecht, Netherlands;
Stork Technical (RBG) Services, Norfolk House, Pitmedden Road, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0DP, United Kingdom;
Suncor Energy UK Limited, 28b Albyn Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1YL, United Kingdom;
Talisman Sinopec Energy UK, Talisman House, 163 Holburn Street, Aberdeen AB10 6BZ, United Kingdom;
Taqa Bratani Limited, Bluesky Business Space, Westpoint House, Endeavour Drive, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill, Aberdeen, AB32 6UF, United Kingdom;
Taqa Energy B.V, Prinses Margrietplantsoen 40, PO Box 11550, The Hague, Netherlands;
Technip UK Limited, Enterprise Drive, Westhill, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, AB32 6TQ, United Kingdom;
Teekay Petrojarl Production AS, Beddingen16, N 7014 Trondheim, Norway;
Associated Organisations, Teekay Petrojarl Floating Production (UK) Limited, Golar Nor (UK) Limited;
Total E&P Nederland B.V, Bordewijklaan 18, 2591 XR, The Hague, Netherlands;
Total E&P UK PLC, Crawpeel Road, Altens, Aberdeen, AB12 3FG, United Kingdom;
VBMS B.V, Rietgorsweg 4, 3356 LJ, Papendrecht, Netherlands;
Vermilion Oil and Gas Netherlands B.V, Zuidwalweg 2, Harlingen, 8861NV, Netherlands;
Wind Farm Energy UK Ltd, 5th Floor, 40 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2BY, United Kingdom;
Wintershall Noordzee B.V, Bogaardplein 47, 2284DP, Rijswijk, Netherlands;
Wood Group PSN, John Wood House, Greenwell Road, East Tullos, Aberdeen, AB12 3AX, United Kingdom.
VI.3)Procedures for appeal
VI.3.1)Body responsible for appeal procedures
VI.3.2)Lodging of appeals
Precise information on deadline(s) for lodging appeals: Utilities subject to the EC procurement legislation of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will incorporate a standstill period at the point information on the award of the contract is communicated to tenderers. That notification will provide full information on the award decision. The standstill period, which will be for a minimum of 10 calendar days, provides time for unsuccessful tenderers to challenge the award decision before the contract is entered into. The Utilities Contracts Regulations (SI 2005 No 6) provide for aggrieved parties who have been harmed or are at risk of harm by a breach of the rules to take action in the High Court (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Any such action must be brought within 30 days of knowledge of any breach.
Utilities subject to the EC procurement legislation of Scotland will where appropriate incorporate a minimum 10 calendar day standstill period (or 15 days if non-electronic or fax methods used) at the point that information on the award of the contract is communicated to tenderers. If an appeal regarding the award of contract has not been successfully resolved then the Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012 provide for aggrieved parties who have been harmed or are at risk of harm by a breach of the rule to take action in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session. Any such action must be brought within 30 days of knowledge of any breach.
VI.3.3)Service from which information about the lodging of appeals may be obtained
VI.4)Date of dispatch of this notice: